Home Theater Santa Cruz

Flatscreen TV Installation

Smart TV’s are amazing but do you know how other smart devices will interact with it?  We can help you get features out of your devices that you never even imagined but will love using every day!


Advanced Receivers

The new advanced receivers not only deliver amazing surround sound but most allow for a second zone of music you can use for a second pair of speakers in the back yard. Many offer the ability to connect to the internet to deliver streaming music, Pandora or even pull music from your own computer

Remote Controls

Unified Remote Control

Universal remotes not only make it easy for anyone in the family to use but some of the newest controls allow you to use your smartphone or tablet as a second remote.

Fortress Seating

Theater Furniture

An overlooked part of  home theater experience for many is actually dedicated seating that is comfortable and the furniture that holds the equipment that could include the center channel speaker, the equipment and the subwoofer.

Amazing A/V

Imagine a life full of music and movies! Home Theater Santa Cruz makes it possible to listen to music or watch tv/movies anywhere in your home: iTunes in the backyard, news radio in the kitchen, streaming music in the den, each set at an appropriate volume for the space. HTSC offers the best multi-zone solutions for all of your audio and video needs, opening a whole new world of entertainment convenience. Muli-Zone/Multi-Source systems give you the most control in a whole house distributed audio/video system.

Family Fun

We specialize in installing home theater and high end audio systems. Home Theaters come in a wide range of styles as well as budget. We pride ourselves in supplying the best value and quality for each of our client’s unique needs. Regardless of your budget, we are going to deliver what we think is the best bang for your buck. To do this, we carry an extensive line of equipment to suit all types of situations and budgets. We are firm believers in every piece of equipment we sell, and have qualified all of our equipment choices to provide the best performance to cost ratio we can find.

Confused by equipment that feels smarter than you?

Let us help by creating an easy-to-use system that leverages the full power of the internet to deliver you music and video choices like never before.

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