We can do it!

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Creating a great home theater inexpensively takes three things in small portions.

The desire, the knowledge and a little bit of money.  The trick is to use that money wisely. Unlike other A/V installers, we aren’t trying to sell you all our equipment. Much of what you have can be leveraged against a few smart purchases to optimize a new system that will sound better than you ever expected.

While we know most audio and visual brands, equipment and technologies, we do a lot of Plasma, LED and LCD screen TV mounting and straight forward home theater setup. Lots of our customers want the components to “disappear” into cabinets or speakers into ceilings and walls which we can do quite easily and beautifully.

Call us to talk about what you have and what you want to do and we will spend the time to explain your options and provide you with some you might not have thought of!

We are normally HALF the price of a Best Buy install and because we don’t have the overhead of a store or equipment we can pass that savings on.  Call us and we can have your system up and running in before your favorite show starts!

Call us at 831-216-6464 to get all the answers